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Devoted Bankruptcy Attorneys Serving The Chicago Metro Area

We are Springer Larsen Greene, LLC. We help consumers and businesses across the Chicago metro area navigate financial hardships. Whether you are struggling to repay debt or your company is seeking late customer payments, we can help you navigate these emotional and complex legal situations.

Our attorneys have been exclusively practicing bankruptcy law in Illinois since they graduated from law school, and they maintain that focus today.

Attorneys Who Make A Difference

We have had continued success over the years because of the knowledge and personable approach we bring to every case. However, we couldn’t do what we do without our team of dedicated attorneys:

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Financial Struggles Affect More Than People’s Checkbooks

Financial hardship can negatively affect your well-being and seep into other aspects of your life. The thought of owing more than you can repay or not receiving the money you’re owed may leave you feeling stressed, anxious and depressed. We understand how complicated and taxing these emotions can be, and we are here to help.

When you come in for a consultation, our lawyers will listen closely to the worries and frustrations you have surrounding your situation. Then, they will explain how your circumstances tie into the law and form an action plan to help you seek your desired goals.

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Financial difficulties can be painful. However, that pain doesn’t have to last forever. Contact our firm today and speak with one of our lawyers by calling 630-912-5871 or emailing us.